Hailing from near Philadelphia, PA, JJGunn is a swampy rock blues band that has taken the sounds of the century and distilled them into music that resonates with the the guitar geeks and the music club hounds alike. From top to bottom, JJGunn’s songs are centered in a unyielding spirit. The songwriting on their debut EP, “Mercy Zone”, draws from personal musical discovery – acts like The Allman Brothers Band and Joe Bonamasso; genres like Blues, Rock, Soul, and Jazz.


Making of "Going Tribal" - JJGunn

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    • 1 Off You Go (Live)
    • Mercy Zone
    • 2 See Without Eyes
    • Mercy Zone
    • 3 Never Love This Way Again (Live)
    • Mercy Zone
    • 4 Mercy Zone
    • Mercy Zone
    • 5 Texas Burn Down
    • Mercy Zone
    • 6 In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (Live)
    • Mercy Zone
    • 7 Unsung Heroes
    • Unsung Heroes - Single

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