Hailing from near Philadelphia, PA, JJGunn has taken the sounds of the century and distilled them into music that resonates with the the guitar geeks and the music club hounds – from top to bottom JJGunn’s songs are centered in a unyielding spirit. The songwriting on their debut EP, “Mercy Zone”, draws from personal musical discovery – acts like The Allman Brothers Band and Joe Bonamasso; genres like Blues, Rock, Soul, and Jazz.


See Without Eyes (Official Music Video) - JJGunn

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    • 1 Off You Go (Live)
    • Mercy Zone
    • 2 See Without Eyes
    • Mercy Zone
    • 3 Never Love This Way Again (Live)
    • Mercy Zone
    • 4 Mercy Zone
    • Mercy Zone
    • 5 Texas Burn Down
    • Mercy Zone
    • 6 In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (Live)
    • Mercy Zone
    • 7 Unsung Heroes
    • Unsung Heroes - Single

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